Who We Are


The Jackie Wilson Foundation will tap into the creative minds of our youth and young adults. We provide leadership and entrepreneurial development for training in occupational skills that are both technical and mechanical in the areas of music, media, and performing arts. The overall goal of the Foundation is to educate individuals in the ways that music and the arts can impact their daily lives, and use the hands on opportunities to enhance their growth, development skills and creativity in the Performing Arts.



You can make a difference with a one-time or ongoing tax-deductible donation! Support the legacy of Jackie Wilson and partner with us today!

The Jackie Wilson Performing Arts Theater

The Jackie Wilson Performing Arts Theater will be a vast reservoir of talent designed to showcase and promote singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians from the State of Michigan.


Because of the closing of our schools and the cutting away of funding, our arts programs are declining in our schools and communities. The gangs, the drugs and the violence in our community is growing rapidly and there is a need to create an avenue to divert the negative energy. Participants will be given the opportunity to be creative, develop their craft, be educated on traditional and nontraditional occupations that are available in the entertainment industry. We are asking you to please support with your donations to the Jackie Wilson Foundation Performing Arts. Your contributions will support our youth and young adults’ raw talent that will be mentored, produced and showcased before a live audience.


The Jackie Wilson Fundraiser (It’s All About The Arts) Showcase.

This is a Fundraiser Showcase that will feature ongoing talent competitions that will include all ethnicities, cultures and genre of music that makes up our communities. They will be performing before a live audience and judges featuring singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, groups, choirs, no age limit and have a special segment called Shining Stars. We will feature special needs youth and adults, so they will be able to perform and show their creativity and be awarded a Shining Star. We will partner with other community organizations. We are officially a supporter and advocate for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. As our foundation is able to grow, we want to be a supporter of a worthy cause.

For questions concerning our fiscal report or 501C3 status, you may contact us at:
For the greatest entertainment law and advisory contact: Attorney Sherrie Ross: Email: 313-610-6361