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Brenda Wilson

I  would like to share with you my our story about my father. These are my personal experiences and the stories that have been shared with us from my mothers, family members and fans, I am very proud of my father, Jackie Wilson, who was one of the greatest entertainers in the world.  He father had a lot of love to give and was loved by many all over the world.  I understand that he had many relationships with friends; some good and some not so good. I also know he had a significant impact on a lot of people's lives with his operatic four-octave voice. He sang his songs with excitement and love. His performances were full of a handsome man with all his charisma and charm. "They said, "You either have it or you don't."


Jackie Wilson known as "Mr. Excitement" had the "IT FACTOR."  This was the compelling attractiveness, force of personality with a personal magic that aroused his family, friends and fans to the brink of hysteria. It was so that the crowds were uncontrollable. 

I am sure many of you knew my father and loved him as Jackie Wilson, Jack or even Sonny and have many wonderful stories to tell from your point of view. I  wish I could have met you and heard your exciting memories of him.

 These are my memories of  his love. I hope you enjoy and love my book! I, as my father did, share my  ties to the Metro Detroit community through singing which I inherited from my father.


I love you,

Brenda Wilson